About me (English)

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About me (English)

Yoga background: My yoga journey have been going through different phases. The first time I tried yoga was during junior high when I did an internship at a local gym that offered yoga classes. I liked it the first time but it didn't become part of my workout routine until I moved to London after I finished school. In spring 2013 I was diagnosed with fatigue syndrome. My body was all broken down and yoga was the only thing I was able to do. Since then its been part of my daily routine. Yoga is so much more than a workout, its a work-in with focus on the mind.


Completed my Strala Yoga training in New York where focus is on natural movement. Moving with ease through both easy and challenging poses. Moving how it feels good to move. Also a BirthYoga Guide (prenatal and postnatal yoga). I love all forms of yoga and love to try new things.


My classes are: Playful, challenging but at the same time easygoing. Focusing on getting to know you and how you feel good to move.


Why I do yoga?: To keep myself balanced, both mentally and physically to be able to enjoy life to the fullest. One thing I love about yoga is that you're never finished, you're forever a student.

Why I guide yoga: To be able to help and guide people to find their inner strength, not by pushing, by exploring and creating space, moving how it feels good to move for you to mover. I guide classes in both Swedish and English.


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