I'm a multi passionate creative with a mission to work as a soul guide and help you be the best version of YOU!

I'm a certified:

Strala Yoga Guide,

BirthYoga guide (pre- and postnatal yoga),

Reiki healer (level 1 & 2 by Reikiakademin) and

I'm trained in Energy work and Intuitive development by Anna Gannon.

I also have a masters degree in Business administration

(I'm not kidding about the multi passionate description).

I started The Freelance Yogi in 2016, I chose the name because I needed a name that defines how I want to work. I want to be creative, free to collaborate with others, work in different places, follow my heart and my intuition wherever it might take me. 

Yoga will always be my foundation, the practice that gets me back to me. Since 2016 I've gone deeper into my soul. I've become a mom of 2, lost myself completely and had to rediscover myself. I found meditation, mindfulness, Reiki, energy work and intuitive development and now have a solid base, let me help you find yours!

My guidance is creative, playful, allowing and focused on getting to know what works for YOU and what makes YOU feel good. I want you to find your inner guidance, be your own healer and find your strength; Not by pushing and striving by allowing, exploring and thriving. 

I offer guidance in both Swedish and English, see my offerings under WORK WITH ME